The first pan-Hellenic meeting of wine producers outside the Apollo Theater in Ermoupolis, Syros
The first pan-Hellenic meeting of wine producers outside the Apollo Theater in Ermoupolis, Syros

It was in 1917 when Evagelos Kritsinis of Konstantinos (1888–1965) founded a small distillery-winery in Syros, in the same location where it is today, in the center of the market of Ermoupolis. It was a distillery with a traditional copper distillery and a tavern, which supplied wines of its own production.

Soon the KRITSINIS WINERY started the production of ouzo, brandy, mastic, citrus, oregano, liqueurs and wines of all types such as retsina, aretsinoto (without retsina/resin), mavrodafni, muscat and Vermouth, which were awarded the silver medal in the 1935 Thessaloniki International Fair.

Το παλιό μαγαζί με τον παππού

In 1956 the business was taken over by his son Alexandros Kritsinis of Evagelos (chemist-oenologist, 1924-2014), who expanded it by adding beers and branded wines and drinks, while the tavern was replaced by a full-fledged distillery.

In 1990 the company was handed over to his son and grandson of the founder, Georgios Kritsinis of Alexandros, who started in 1994 the now classic “KRITSINIS Wine” in three types (WHITE, ROSÉ, RED).

In 1997, on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the company, he presented an exquisite aged red wine, the “80 YEARS OF OENOPNEVMATOPOLEION KRITSINI”, from Agiorgitiko and Cabernet Sauvignon varieties.

In 2007 he created another collectible wine, the “90 YEARS OF OENOPNEVMATOPOLEION KRITSINI”, from the cosmopolitan varieties Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon with 16 months of aging.

With the completion of its 100 years of presence, the KRITSINIS WINE SHOP remained in the same position in the centre of the market of Ermoupolis and was renovated with respect to its history, with special emphasis on elements such as wood and marble combining modern aesthetics with collectibles with old traditional elements, welcoming the dawn of its second hundred years of operation.

In 2017, the anniversary collectible wine “AEON” is presented, a wine particularly aromatic from the rare Greek varieties Mouchtaro and Mavrodafni, in an unprecedented blend of 12 months of aging.

After completing 100 years, we continue to gather knowledge and experience about wine and offer it unchanged to our customers. We feel the need to thank all those who supported us and continue to support us, appreciating our constant effort in the field of quality wine and alcoholic beverages.

“OENOPNEVMATOPOLEION KRITSINI” (Kritsinis Wine Shop) is the oldest continuously operating wine cellar in Greece.