What does a good catering professional need?


Knowledge, service, quality, variety, reasonable prices.


All this is fulfilled by the “OENOPNEVMATOPOLEION KRITSINI” in Syros.

  • Huge variety of wines and drinks from Greece and around the world.
  • Wines of our own production, such as the famous collectible aromatic wine “AEON”, which was released to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the house.
  • Rare and hard to find spirits and liqueurs, as well as beers from all over the world, but also from small Greek breweries.
  • All kinds of equipment from accessories (decanters, glasses, openers), to wine coolers.
  • Immediate exemplary service for any question, clarification or problem, but also tips for the winelist, the opening of the bottle, the way of serving, etc.
  • Possibility of visiting and tasting in our specially designed space, as well as organizing tastings.
  • Free distribution in bars, restaurants, cafés, hotels and generally in restaurants.
  • Possibility of sending within the island, prefecture, region, but also throughout Greece.

Service until 22:00 daily, except Sunday.