Kritsinis Geysignosia Papargyriou 1 0047

Wine tasting with Giannis Papargyriou

Shortly before the onset of the coronavirus, a tasting with Giannis Papargyriou leaves the best impressions. The charismatic winemaker from Corinth presented the entire range of his winery, thrilling the wine-loving public of Ermoupolis with their quality and complexity.

Στην κάβα με Philippe Blanck 2017 07 0052

Wine tasting in the shop with Philippe Blanck

The time came when the great Alsatian producer Philippe Blanck honoured the centenary history of the house, with the presentation of his wines, in a unique visit to Syros for this reason. The producer presented all his wines from the large vineyards (Grands Crus) of Alsace (Schhosskerg, Furstentum, Mambourg). In the end, the ecstatic public…

Premium Rum με Ν. Γιαννόπουλο 2017 05 7404

Tasting of Premium Rums with Nicholas Yiannopoulos

As part of the celebrations for the “100 Years of Kritsinis Distillery” took place two excellent tastings, of a very high level. The first was performed on 13 May 2017, where 6 premium rums were tested accompanied by domori chocolate 70% cocoa content (six chocolates: each contained cocoa from the country of production of rum)…

Στην κάβα με Γιώργο Φλούδα 2012 07 0066

Wine tasting at the shop with George Floudas

Another tasting at the “Kritsinis Wine Shop” with George Floudas. The event was honoured by the presence of two notable winemakers from the Cyclades, Nikos Hatzakis of “Syros Winery” and George Xydakis of “Xydaki Estate” from Mykonos. Wines from the Aegean were tasted, with an emphasis on the Cyclades.

Στην κάβα με Παυλίδη & Φλούδα 2011 5 0021

Wine tasting at the shop with Paul Pavlides and George Floudas

The acquaintance with George Floudas (Trinity Company) was fascinating. Thus, our wine concerns led to a series of tastings, the first on 31 May 2011, where the diamonds of the “Trinity” catalogue were presented, including Millesime champagnes and rare wines such as the then hard-to-find T.OINOS. Crowds of people attended from professionals of the island…

Με Μπαμπατζίμ στον «Άμβυξ» 2006 12 127096

With Babatzim in Amvix

Wine & spirits tasting organised by the “Kritsinis Wine Shop”. The late Oenologist-Distiller-Viticulturist Anestis Babatzimopoulos is an official guest. Anestis Babatzimopoulos presented the full range of his products: wines and spirits (tsipouro, ouzo and the famous single-variety spirits), enchanting the (thirsty) public with his personality, unique transmissibility and rare knowledge. The enthusiastic audience urged Anestis…